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Sydney Boot Camps – Show Best Types of Squats

by editor on August 1, 2013, no comments

The squat is one of the most useful exercises you will learn at a boot camp in Sydney. This kind of exercise will employ up to 80% of your muscles in one single extended movement. The squat is primarily designed to work out your legs but it can do so much more if you try out all its variations. There are so many varieties of squats that can help you spice up your exercise regime or break the spell of stagnation.

The original traditional squat

This is the first kind of squat you are going to learn at the Dangerously Fit boot camps in Sydney. The weight bar is put on the higher portion of back and the shoulder blades are tightly pulled back to provide firm support to the bar. Try to extend your wrists like a power lifter. Let your feet point outwards to give some gravitational stability to the body.

Dangerously Fit

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The back should form a curve inwards and shouldn’t be in a round position. Never stress your body too hard while performing a squat otherwise you might suffer a muscle pull or a nerve tear. The proper technique is to descend naturally as if you are about to sit in a chair.

The power squat

The power squat is a simple variation of the original exercise. You have to keep a wider stance and place the exercise bar across the rhomboid. The perfectly lean torso will be an achievable target if you keep on doing the power squat regularly at the Dangerously Fit boot camps Sydney. The main advantage of the power squat is that it really works out the lower back and doesn’t strain the knees at all.

Follow the rest of the procedure as the traditional squat and let your body move as if you are sitting down in a chair. Do this under the supervision off a fitness instructor in Sydney boot camp

The ski squat

The ski squat is an exercise that can be done anywhere and by anybody. It’s something that you can even sneak in your office cabin because it requires no accessories. Simply squat against the wall by stepping at least two feet away from it. Now maintain this position for a minimum of 30 seconds. It’s imperative that you do this squat at all levels because muscles in one area at a time are benefitted. Keep sliding downward by a couple of inches all the while.

The jump squat

If you jump upwards when you are performing the squat at a boot camps Sydney then it’s called a jump squat. This has great physiological and neurological benefits and fitness instructors at Sydney boot camp is highly recommend this.

The jump squat will force all the muscles in the body to work in tandem and it will also increase the efficiency of the CNS. The nervous connection between the Central nervous system and the legs are specially benefited. If you play basketball then you already know the jump squat by heart. Just keep practicing it.