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Going From 10% to Body Fat Fight Club Style

by editor on October 9, 2013, no comments

Everyone can get to 10% body fat. It’s really not all that hard. All it takes is a couple months of dieting, thrown in with a few weight lifting and cardio sessions per week. However, getting down to 6-8% body fat where you begin to look insanely ripped is where things start to get hard. This level of conditioning is what I like to call “Fight club abs”. Why?

Because this is where your abs begin to show like Brad Pitt or Tyler Durden in the movie Fight Club. At this level every muscle of your body will begin to display some level of extreme conditioning and you will simply look great. If you want to achieve this sort of look then you can just forget about the sugar, man.

Getting down to 6% body fat is all about diet. You need to be able to control your diet and more importantly, you need to be able neglect all forms of sugar and alcohol, at least until you hit your goal, then you can go back to a more liberal diet.