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Exercise Tips For Staying Injury FREE

by editor on February 21, 2014, no comments

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Warm-up and Cool-down Properly
A short warm-up and cool-down session is an integral part of group personal training workout program. This is because exercise exerts pressure on every part of your body which may not be accustomed to such rigours. Exercise also requires fast paced movements, intense bending and twisting of body parts, sudden actions like jumps or lunges, straining your muscles against resistance and so on. A proper warm-up and cool-down session prepares your body for intense exercises and also helps it to return to normalcy in a gradual manner. If you skip this session, you increase your chances of injuries like sprain in joints and tear in muscles.

Pay Attention to Instructions
Outdoor group personal training is always there to show you the correct way of exercising. He will never leave you on your own although it is not possible for him to check on every participant each second. Therefore it is in your interest to keenly follow his every movement when he demonstrates the workouts to the group. If you know how to exercise correctly, you will never injure yourself irrespective of whether you workout at a boot camp or on your own later on.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard
You cannot reach a peak fitness level in just one week or even one month. Fitness is a gradual process and you have give each level its due time and attention. Rushing through your steps is a dangerous practice which can upset your balance or put excess stress on areas that can lead to sprain. Also, never skip steps. Remember that your trainer has included a preset number of movements because they are essential to your fitness and well-being. By skipping a few steps, you are actually cheating on your own self!

Take Adequate Rest
Recovery is an essential part of Coogee group fitness training sessions. In the absence of proper recovery, you muscles will not be able to rebuilt and repair themselves after a bout of strenuous exercise. Over time, you will become weak and your muscles will just waste away instead of being strengthened and fortified.